Legacy Site: CCC 2016 Chicago - The 9th International Countercurrent Chromatography Conference

Conference Aug 1-3, Workshop Jul 30-31 at
Dominican University, River Forest, IL (U.S.A.)

CCC 2016 gathered worldwide experts on the beautiful campus of Dominican University in Metropolitan Chicago. The conference encompassed contributions from all areas involving countercurrent separation, such as theory, new technology, and applications.

CCC 2016 | Themes & Topics

The conference focussed on the latest developments in countercurrent separation methodology and its application in multidisciplinary collaborative research. A special session will be dedicated to targeting purification or enrichment of specific compounds from complex mixtures that rely on measured partition coefficients (K values) to enhance reproducibility and scalability.

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Conference Office

CCC 2016 Chair
J. Brent Friesen, PhD
Professor of Chemistry
and Chair, Physical Sciences Dept, Dominican University River Forest, IL 60305


CCC 2016 Co-Chair
Guido F. Pauli, PhD
Professor, Coll. of Pharmacy
Univ. of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL 60612

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