CCC 2022 | Papers

Call for Abstracts

CCC 2022 welcomes your contribution to the scientific program and invites you to submit a synopsis of your work in the form of an abstract.

Format of Contributions

There are two types of contributions: presentations and flash poster highlights. See below for instructions to submit abstracts.

  • Presentations: focussed, virtual-platform talks of 18 min (exact timing will be appreciated
    • Combined Q+A sessions will be held after all talks of a sessions; 2 min of Q+A per talk
    • Presenters must be available for entire scheduled session
    • IMPORTANT: presenters must attend the WebEx training session on Jul 28, 2022, at 8am CT
  • Flash Poster Highlights: tentative format will be a PDF presentation shared with all participants plus a ca. 2-min live summary presentation
    • Presenters must be present online during the entire two poster discussion sessions

Abstract Guidelines

Abstracts for all presentations must be prepared using the CCC 2022 Abstract Template DOCX or RTF file and be submitted electronically to no later than April 30, 2022.

The abstract template is in Rich-Text Format (RTF), which is compatible with all recent word processors.

  • Download of CCC 2022 DOCX or RTF Abstract Template
    • Do not exceed the allotted 1-page space limit and keep your text, figures, tables, etc. within the box.
    • Ensure the RTF file size does not exceed 5MB.
  • Download of JChromA Endnote Style (ENS) file (click or "Save as") for abstracts and Special Issue manuscripts
  • The bibliography uses the current JCA style as follows.
    “J.B. Friesen, J.B. McAlpine, S.-N. Chen, G.F. Pauli, Countercurrent separation of natural products: an update, J. Nat. Prod. 78 (2015) 1765-1796.”
  • Abstracts can contain small graphics such as chemical structures, line graphics, schematics, or short tables.

Preference Oral vs. Poster Presentation & Selection

At the time of submission, indicate your preference for a poster and/or an oral presentation. Depending on the number of contributions, the organizers may have to change the format of a contribution. You will be notified by e-mail of the acceptance and any such change in due course.


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