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The CCC 20xx Awards & Prizes

While no award will be give at CCC 2022 Online, the CCC 20xx conference series has a history of providing the following two awards to scientists, who have distinguished themselves in the area of countercurrent research, and have made significant contributions to the CCC 20xx conferences.

The Edward Chou CCC Award | History

Honors an outstanding contributions to the scientific knowledge base of countercurrent chromatography and its application. The following past awardees of the Edward Chou Award have received an award, a certificate, and a modest cash prize.

  • 2006: Qizhen Du
  • 2008: Gerold Jerz
  • 2010: Artak Kostanian
  • 2012: J. Brent Friesen
  • 2014: Svetlana Ignatova
  • 2016: Walter Vetter
  • 2018: Mirjana Minceva

Edward Chou, PhD, was a pioneer in countercurrent chromatography and founder of PharmaTech, Inc. He established the CCC-1000 series of HSCCC instruments and provided training and enthusiastic support for many CCC practitioners that are active in the field today.

The Crafty Chromatographer Prize

Honors an outstanding student (undergraduate or graduate) for an outstanding original contribution to the CCC 2016 conference. The following past awardees of the Crafty Chromatographer Prize have received a certificate and a modest cash prize:

  • 2006: Jianwei He
  • 2008: Roman Romero-González
  • 2010: Leslie Boudesocque
  • 2012: Qingbao Du
  • 2014: Christopher Ladd Effio
  • 2016: Peter Hewitson
  • 2018: Gerold Jerz

CCC20xx organizing committee typically appoint an award committee, which will handle the nomination of candidates and selection of the awardees.


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