CCC 2022 Online: the 11th overall and the 1st virtual in the CCC20xx worldwide conference series!

The countercurrent and partition chromatography world met on Aug 1+2, 2022, for two four-hour conferences days

The CCC 2016 and CCC 2018 conferences had gathered worldwide experts at Dominican University in Metropolitan Chicago (U.S.A.) and the University of Braunschweig (Germany), respectively. After a pandemic hiatus, CCC 2022 Online seeked to re-convene and strengthen the international community of researchers that are active in partition chromatography, countercurrent chromatography, liquid-liquid separation, aqueous two-phase systems including ionic liquids, and deep-eutectic solvents.

CCC 2022 Online | Themes & Topics

Applications: pH-zone refinement CCS, Cannabis CCS, natural products CCS, non-conventional CCS: phase-transfer reactions, scale-up/large scale CCS, minor constituents/impurities in CCS;
Solvent systems (SSs): new SSs; aqueous two-phase solvent systems (ATPSs); deep eutectic solvents (DES) in CCS; green solvents & eco CCS; SS prediction and modeling; rapid SS design
CCS Technologies & Education: modified and new CCS instruments, CCS hyphenation with new detector, spectroscopy and biology; prediction and modeling in CCS; flow pattern and hydrodynamics in CCS; CCS Education Tools; beginners guidelines (“CCS 101”).

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Dedicated to Ed Chou

CCC 2022 Online seeks to connect CCS scientists worldwide and pepertuate the pioneering spirit of Edward Chou, PhD, who initiated and enabled the first CCC conference in 2000.

Countercurrent Separation

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CCC 2022 Team at
UIC Pharmacognosy Institute

Prabhakar Achanta, PhD
Shao-Nong Chen, PhD
J. Brent Friesen, PhD
Guy Harris, PhD
Gerold Jerz, PhD
James McAlpine, PhD
Mirjana Minceva, PhD
Guido F. Pauli, PhD
Walter Vetter, PhD
with support from
Peter Winterhalter, PhD
Shihua Wu, PhD
Daniel Zagal, BS

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