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Lab Safety

Lab Safety Information

Continuous Self-Training

  • All labworkers are required to...
    • ...undergo all applicable safety trainings by UIC's EHSO
      • typically for chemistry work: General Lab Safety
      • typically for biology work: Biological Safety Cabinets, Bloodborne Pathogens, Respiratory Protection
    • ...ensure up-to-date formal training
      • typically for chemistry work: Annual Lab Safety Refresher
      • typically for biology work: Annual Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher
    • ...participate in scheduled PI-specific training sessions
  • Safety starts new every day, when you start working in the lab
    • Lab coat? Goggles?
    • Proper shoes, no sandals? Safe clothing? No food?
    • How often do you reflect on this?
    • Tidiness & Cleanliness!
    • Continued self training & reading
    • MSDS for hazardous chemicals



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