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Productivity in Natural Products
Research, Teaching & Service

Taking an interdisciplinary approach to natural products research, our team strives to achieve scientific and academic excellence in:

Collaborative Research

The scientific research activities outlined under Science are carried out collaboratively, in laboratories located in the following units:


Teaching: Training & Mentoring

PhD Graduates from the Pauli laboratory at UIC

  • Wei Gao, PhD (2014)
    • Dissertation "Discovery of In-Vivo Active Anti-Tuberculosis Peptides from and Actinomycete Extract Library" [PDF file pending]
  • Rene Ramos, PhD (2014)
    • Dissertation "Methods for the Metabolomic Standardization of Natural Health Products " [PDF file pending]
  • Geping Cai, PhD (2014)
    • Dissertation "Closing the In Vitro/In Vivo Gap in Tuberculosis Drug Discovery " [PDF file pending]
  • Feng Qiu, PhD (2012)
    • Dissertation "The Complexity of Natural Products
      at the Chemistry‒Biology Interface" [PDF file pending]
  • Chang-Hwa Wang, PhD (2012)
    • Dissertation: "Anti-TB Drug Leads from Diverse Natural Sources" [PDF file pending]
  • Ayano Imai, PhD (2011)
    • Dissertation: "Pharmacognosy of Raw Materials for Black Cohosh Dietary Supplements" [PDF file pending]
  • Taichi Inui, PhD (2008)
    • Dissertation: "Phytochemical and biochemometric evaluation of the Alaskan anti-TB ethnobotanical Oplopanax horridus"
      [link to PDF file]
  • Allison Turner, PhD (2006)
    • Dissertation: "The pharmacognosy of cranberries (Vaccinium macrocarpon) as a urological dietary supplement"
      [link to PDF file]
  • Ryan Case, PhD (2006)
    • Dissertation: "Integrative pharmacognostic evaluation of anti-TB ethnobotanicals from Manus" [link to PDF file]
  • Daniel Fabricant, PhD (2006)
  • Shixin Deng, PhD (2005)
    • Dissertation: "Phtyochemical investigation of bioactive constituents from Angelica sinensis" [link to PDF file]
  • Lucas Chadwick, PhD (2004)

Prospective students: If you are interested in joining my research group as a student in the UIC Ph.D. Graduate Program in Pharmacognosy, you are encouraged to download the PDFs of the dissertations of the graduates and our publications to get insights into the techniques used and the type of research carried out in my laboratory. Please note that the dissertations examplify graduate research proejct rather than provideing full coverage of all ongoing research activities.


Graduate Program in Pharmacognosy (PhD)

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