The CCC Team at UIC

With a combined 100+ years of practical CCC experience, our senior CCC investigator team brings together expertise from CCC theory, method developement, and applications, in particular in natural products analysis.


CCC Expertise at UIC

Our expertise covers the following areas of CCC/CPC applications:

  • Separation of natural products
  • Scale-up purifications
  • Metabolomic applications of CCC
  • Enrichment of low-level constituents for quantitative analysis
  • High purity reference materials with qNMR purity assignments
  • CCC and CPC method development
  • 2-Phase solvent system development
  • Phase metering of 2-phase solvent systems
  • Targeted K-based purification of compounds from complex mixtures
  • Operation and maintenance of CCC/CPC instruments
  • Development of CCC/CPC instrumentation
  • Collaborative projects involving CCC components, including drug discovery and pharmaceutical analysis
  • Extensive knowledge of the CCC literature and history; see also our list of publications

Feel free to contact us!

Guido F. Pauli, PhD, MCP, College of Pharmacy, 833 S. Wood St., Chicago, IL 60612 (USA),