Countercurrent Instruments & Related Equipment

Manufacturer and Distributors

Providers* of HSCCC-type equipment include
(in alphabetical order)

Providers* of CPC-type equipment include
(in alphabetical order)

*If you are a provider (manufacturer, distributor) of CCC/CPC equipment and want to be listed, please feel free contact us.

Providers* of large-scale equipment

As noted in the following book, several very-large scale instruments have been produced, but these are invariably custom installations and only little information is publically made available on them. Those interestend should contact one of the manufacturers listed above.

Berthod, A, Ed. Countercurrent Chromatography: The support-free liquid stationary phase (Wilson & Wilson's Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry Vol. XXXVIII); Elsevier Science Ltd.: Boston, 2002.