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Data Repository

This page provides links to repositories of original ("raw") electronic data in support of our publications.

GFPUIC Dataverse

We maintain the GFPUIC repository at the Harvard Dataverse:

Follow the above link to access the Dataverse and its individual repositories, organized by publication and projects.

Quick Links

GFPUIC Dataverse
gfp@uic Repository

List of Publications

on Original Research Data


Featured Open Access Raw NMR Data Sharing and use of QuILTS

Pauli GF et al. Towards Structural Correctness: Aquatolide and the Importance of 1D Proton NMR FID Archiving
Journal of Organic Chemistry 81: 878-889 (2016)


GFPUIC Dataverse Links

Quantum Mechanical qHNMR Standardization of Red Clover J. Nat. Prod. 2017

Raw Data Initiative in

Raw NMR Data Enhances Integrtiy and Reproducibility

Bisson J et al. Dissemination of Original NMR Data Enhances Reproducibility and Integrity in Chemical Research
Natural Product Reports 33: 1028-1033 (2016)

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