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Publication Topics: #5:Invalid Metabolic Panaceas (IMPS) || #4:qHNMR as Universal Purity Assay || #3:2D Barcoding of Molecules by NMR || #2:Full Spin Analysis (HiFSA)-qNMR || #1:Actaea/Cimicifuga Triterpene Dereplication

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Publication Topics with Summaries (Reverse Chronology)

Publication Topic #5: Inavalid Metabolic Panaceas IMPS in Natural Products Research and Drug Discovery

Publication Topic #4: Quantitative 1H NMR as Universal Purity Assay in Medicinal, Organic and Natural Products Chemistry

Publication Topic #3: 2D Barcoding of Molecules by NMR

Publication Topic #2: Full Spin Analysis and Quantitative 1H NMR (qHNMR) for Botanical Analysis

Publication Topic #1: Dereplication of Actaea Triterpenes


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