qNMR Experiments

Quantitative NMR is generally applicable to all NMR-sensitive nuclei. Of foremost interest in the biomedical sciences are 1H, 13C, 19F, and 31P:

qHNMR Protocols for purity determination

Our 2014 publication in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (JMC, 2014, 57, 9220-9231) contains detailed descriptions of

qNMR Using Time Domain Data

Quantitative Analysis of Process NMR Signals in the Time Domain by A. Nordon, C.Mc Gill, P. Gemperline, D. Littlejohn; poster at the 2001 CPACT Conference. The authors use algorithms such as FID-DECRA to perform qNMR directly from the FID

Reports on qNMR Methodology

Key Parameters for Quantitation

by Joseph Ray, Naperville (IL)

See also Joseph Ray's Anecdotes On Quantitative NMR From The Early 1970ies.