Quantitative NMR Is qNMR

What is NMR?

A Definition of Quantitative NMR

qNMR Abbreviation

While several abbreviations describing quantitative NMR have been used in publications and in lab jargon, 'qNMR' appears to be the most suitable. While 'QNMR" can be confused with acronyms like 'HNMR' for 1H NMR or CNMR for 13C NMR, and 'QuantNMR' is not widely used, 'qNMR' designates a particular concept within NMR such as the concept of gradient selection in 'gCOSY'.

qHNMR, qCNMR, qFNMR, qPNMR et al.

Accordingly, 'qHNMR' and 'qCNMR' are the proton and carbon variants of quantitative NMR, and, in general, qXNMR is used to designate quantitative NMR using X-nuclei.

Applications of qNMR

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