qNMR Calc: Spreadsheets for Quantitative 1H NMR (qHNMR) Calculations

Evaluation of quantitative 1H NMR (qHNMR) spectra for the determination of sample purity or content of target analytes utilizes calculations that involve parameters such as quantitative measures (e.g., integrals), molecular weights, signal proton equivalents (e.g., 1H), and sample weights.

As outlined in Pauli et al., J. Med. Chem. 2014, four main qHNMR methods exist according to the type of quantitative calibration: The absolute qHNMR methods with internal calibration (IC, Abs-qHNMR), external calibration (EC, Abs-qHNMR ), or combined external and internal calibration (ECIC, Abs-qHNMR); and the relative qHNMR method ("100%"; Rel-qHNMR), which requires no calibration.

qHNMR Spreadsheets

For educational and academic purposes, spreadsheets are provided for all four methods: IC, EC, ECIC, and 100% qHNMR.

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