qNMR Summit 2024 |

Call for Abstracts

Please note that the call for abstracts has closed. With any questions regarding contributions to the scientific program, please contact the qNMR Summit organizers

The Call. The qNMR Summit 2024 welcomes your contribution to the scientific program. We invite contributions that align with the following topics:

Topic 1: Current qNMR Status and Paths to Regulatory Acceptance
Topic 2: Broadening the qNMR User Base
Topic 3: Innovative and Groundbreaking qNMR Applications

We will also consider proposals for compelling subjects outside the scope outlined. Submit your proposals in the following formats:

Format of Contributions

There are three types of contributions: presentations, flash poster presentations, and digital posters. See below for instructions to submit abstracts.

  • Oral Presentations: 9-min and 18-min slots available.
    • In-person participation is strongly preferred.
    • In exceptional cases, presentations may be delivered remotely.
    • Panel discussion of oral sessions may be offered.
  • Flash Poster Presentations: A PDF poster plus 3-min live presentation; the posters will be made available online before the event.
  • Digital Posters: PDF posters for off-line viewing; posters will be made available to registered attendees about one week before the event, and there will be a discussion session.
    • Presenters must be available online throughout the entire two poster sessions

Abstract Guidelines

Abstracts for all presentations must be submitted using the Abstract Template DOCX.

Submit your abstracts to qnmrsummit2024@qnmrsummit.com no later than April 15 for Orals, and May 20 for Flash Presentations and Digital Posters.

  • Do not exceed the allotted 1-page space limit and keep your text, figures, tables, etc. within the box.
  • Ensure the file size does not exceed 5MB.
  • Abstracts can contain small graphics such as chemical structures, line graphics, schematics, or short tables.

Preference Oral vs. Poster Presentation & Selection

At the time of submission, indicate your preference for a poster and/or an oral presentation.

Depending on the number of contributions, we may have to change the format of a contribution. You will be notified by e-mail of the acceptance and any format change.